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No sensor board for Hoardings????

 Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of really disgusting hoardings in Bangalore. Like the Deccan Chronicle ad. It hurts my heart to see this displayeed. It has a very indecent picture of a gal with a caption saying ‘Addictive’. We pass through many such things and all we can mutter is how indecent . But none of us have ever bothered to say anything about it to the people in charge.  I wonedr if there are rules and regulations for the content of the hoardings… While such a commotion has been made for the cheerleader’s dresses in our land, Why aren’t we raising our voice against such issues.. Why are we silent now?? Shouldn’t we be doin something about it??

I was so much in a mood to do something about it yesterday.And I din know what . So I just mailed a lot of people yesterday about it. To a lot of people who say they care about the city. And its been like almost 24 hrs and I havnt got a single reply.Hmm.. I’m waiting to see if something good can come out of this….

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A person with a lot of friends will never make a good friend

X is a very popular person ,has the ability to make friends very easily and who also happens to be a very good friend of mine. At least that’s what I thought. We have known each other only for like 5 months now but then we got really close.(Thats what I thought). I thought I could call X as a close friend.One on whom I could depend to be there for me whenever I needed X. But then again.., that was what I thought.

 Some time back,I had to move a little away from X . While I din have trouble making my own friends, I always kept X at a very special spot.While I was not ready to let distance come between us, it din seem like a problem to X. X moved on. X made new friends . X moved on upto the point where every time we are together (which is like very rare these days), X prefers talking to the newly found friends rather than catching up on our friendship. X went up to the point of making promises to me that X did not mean at all . Actually X had to break up the promises made to me because of X’s new friends..That’s X. This is where I realised what kinda friendship X thought we shared. While it is difficult for me to accept how easily I’ve been fooled into thinking X is my good friend, X is moving on happily with life.

 Now don get me wrong that i’m jealous. I’m not. Not even a little bit.I don blame X for what happened. Because that’s who X is.A person who makes friends very easily and forgets them more easily. I just learnt a lesson. A person with a lot of friends will never make or be a close friend.


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No right to dream

It is amazing how one moment we seem to be on top of the world and the very next we feel down in the dumps.This feeling has only been so frequent for me in the past few days. It is so true that a word correctly spoken in the right time has the power to life one’s spirits high. And at the same time words spoken in anger without thinking or actually knowing what happened can totally crush your spirits.

Lately I’ve been realising lot of things.One of the things that I’ve really understood is…It takes two to tango. A relationship gone sour needs both the party to work on it. Otherwise no matter how hard x tries, It will never be enough for y.It will not matter to the y that x is trying.All that matters to y is that X is not good enough to achieve what Y had dreamt for X. 

All this talk about India has changed in the way it views women makes no sense to me personally.Women should be independant is such a stupid  concept.Cause in my life , it doesnt make sense. not even a little bit.

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Reason for this blog…..

I learn from my mistakes sometimes at the very first time…. Sometimes after so many attempts at blindly hoping that the mistake would never be repeated again. This blog…. falls under the latter category.

My mistake??? That would be giving my previous blog id to everyone…. people so close to me…. that when i blogged about my feelings, it invoked a strong reaction from them.. somtimes in suport of me…. but most often (as in happened in my case)… not. My second mistake would be bloggin too personal stuff…

I love to write…. That is why i went ahead and wrote about everything possible…hmmmm… mistakes mistakes….

And I am wondering…. Whats the point of this blog……Do i really wanna maintain 2 blogs???? I don know… I think I’ll see for a little while how i can manage.