No right to dream

It is amazing how one moment we seem to be on top of the world and the very next we feel down in the dumps.This feeling has only been so frequent for me in the past few days. It is so true that a word correctly spoken in the right time has the power to life one’s spirits high. And at the same time words spoken in anger without thinking or actually knowing what happened can totally crush your spirits.

Lately I’ve been realising lot of things.One of the things that I’ve really understood is…It takes two to tango. A relationship gone sour needs both the party to work on it. Otherwise no matter how hard x tries, It will never be enough for y.It will not matter to the y that x is trying.All that matters to y is that X is not good enough to achieve what Y had dreamt for X. 

All this talk about India has changed in the way it views women makes no sense to me personally.Women should be independant is such a stupid  concept.Cause in my life , it doesnt make sense. not even a little bit.


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