A person with a lot of friends will never make a good friend

X is a very popular person ,has the ability to make friends very easily and who also happens to be a very good friend of mine. At least that’s what I thought. We have known each other only for like 5 months now but then we got really close.(Thats what I thought). I thought I could call X as a close friend.One on whom I could depend to be there for me whenever I needed X. But then again.., that was what I thought.

 Some time back,I had to move a little away from X . While I din have trouble making my own friends, I always kept X at a very special spot.While I was not ready to let distance come between us, it din seem like a problem to X. X moved on. X made new friends . X moved on upto the point where every time we are together (which is like very rare these days), X prefers talking to the newly found friends rather than catching up on our friendship. X went up to the point of making promises to me that X did not mean at all . Actually X had to break up the promises made to me because of X’s new friends..That’s X. This is where I realised what kinda friendship X thought we shared. While it is difficult for me to accept how easily I’ve been fooled into thinking X is my good friend, X is moving on happily with life.

 Now don get me wrong that i’m jealous. I’m not. Not even a little bit.I don blame X for what happened. Because that’s who X is.A person who makes friends very easily and forgets them more easily. I just learnt a lesson. A person with a lot of friends will never make or be a close friend.



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