No sensor board for Hoardings????

 Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of really disgusting hoardings in Bangalore. Like the Deccan Chronicle ad. It hurts my heart to see this displayeed. It has a very indecent picture of a gal with a caption saying ‘Addictive’. We pass through many such things and all we can mutter is how indecent . But none of us have ever bothered to say anything about it to the people in charge.  I wonedr if there are rules and regulations for the content of the hoardings… While such a commotion has been made for the cheerleader’s dresses in our land, Why aren’t we raising our voice against such issues.. Why are we silent now?? Shouldn’t we be doin something about it??

I was so much in a mood to do something about it yesterday.And I din know what . So I just mailed a lot of people yesterday about it. To a lot of people who say they care about the city. And its been like almost 24 hrs and I havnt got a single reply.Hmm.. I’m waiting to see if something good can come out of this….


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