Day 3 in my new project

Today is day 3 and I din have any luck in the day getting any more interesting. Same as the other two days. The only thing interesting today is I got my Pay.Hmm. Anyway got my system at office installed. Waiting for someone to come and give me a KT so I can stop feeling so alien in my project. n O ya… TOday is an absolute no mailing day… 🙂


Day 2 of my new project

Hmm.. Its 10.30 am and I am bored.My PM is on leave today and my PC is still not set us.. I think I should not have released my earlier PC. At least then I would have mail facility..This is such a bore. Being benched is fun only if you have company… Otherwise it is pathetic..Yesterday ,I finished reading Reader’s Digest. Day before yesterday was ‘The Week’ . Have to find an interesting book today. hmmmmm Planning on escaping early today….

Day 1 in my new project

This is report of half the day of day ONE. Its been one boring morning .With nothing to do and nowhere to go to, it was pretty boring. My desktop has not been alloted yet. The space is very less in my new ODC. But this team seems like fun..Lot of young people around.My proj is for a hospital. So as soon as I enter my ODC I can see all saline bottles hanging everywhere and machines beeping all around. Gives the impression of having entered an ICU in an hospital but it is much more livelier. People seem to be nice and I already know a couple of people. Anyway the next half a day is gonna be  much more tougher as sleep is slowly begining to set it. Considering the fact that I don have any work right now..Wish I can find a place to sleep 🙂

My feelings… for testing.

I don’t know what is this thing that I have towards testing. I’ve always liked testing.Right from college days, I was known for my unexplainable liking for testing.While it was the most hated subject,I loved it. While people took it because it was easy , I took it because I absolutely loved it. Some of my friends thought I was crazy… Even I have thought I am crazy at times for liking it. But the truth is… i like it. N today I did the most unthinkable and the most bravest thing I have ever done in my life. I told my PM my liking for testing.. Now ,I don know where that is going to lead me. Whether it is gonna lead me anywhere. I guess.. I just have to wait and watch.


Havn’t blogged much lately.Reason could be that maybe I’ve started writing a diary. That I feel is much better. Anyway, coming to whats hapening in my life….My project is over.Shifted to the next one and thankfully it is in the main office. So no more prob of the extra trasportation and all that trouble… Thank you God.

8 hr journey that lasted 11 hrs…….

Its funny how every time I take this travels, I end up having an adventure of some kind. last time was the accidents. This time it was a little different. The bus was supposed to start at 10 in the night. We started by 10:30. The cleaner of the bus showed up drunk and the driver was a new driver. What a combo!!! Anyway the driver refused to let the cleaner of the bus into the bus. SO off we started without the cleaner.

Soon after that, I saw lovely beautiful houses. Houses that would have generally caught my attention but they were all so new to me. So here I was, sitting and admiring those lovely huge houses. Suddenly we(me and my bus mates) heard a loud snap…And some guy came out of a house and started screaming at us. That’s when we realized what was happening. Our bus had just snapped couple of wires .That was when we realized that something was wrong. That was when we realized that our driver din actually know the route that we were supposed to take. I personally could not believe my eyes. How could anyone mistake a housing area for a highway? How could anyone even for a minute think that a highway could be so narrow and dark? I should have asked our driver the answers to that question.

And off we were going snapping wires along the way. Soon we had to stop. Cause our bus was stuck between couple of wires. We had to get off the bus as there were lot of wires dangling around that might snap at any moment. So off we went for a midnight stroll around our bus in an area we had no idea existed. Soon couple of passengers got on top of the bus and struggled with the wires and after an hour and half, we were all set to go again.

I did my most favourite thing. I slept. I slept so well that when I woke up at 4.30 in the morning, I was shocked to see our bus standing at place X that generally takes 3 hrs from the place I started. By usual standards, at 4.30 in the morning we should have been an hour and a half away from reaching my destination. But here we were, at X. That meant we were running late by 3 hrs and 30 mins. WHOA!! I gave up hope of reaching office at a decent time today. I then did the only thing I could do… I slept again.

And sure enough we reached my destination 3 hrs late. I am actually happy because I reached much earlier than what I had imagined. So this is it. A tale of a 8 hr journey that lasted 11 hrs…..

I gave up…..But He dint.

Yesterday,I was in one of ‘end of the road ‘ feeling.I just felt like I was hitting against a wall.A wall that would not bugde even a little bit. And I din know what else to do.I din know whether I had to move away from the wall or to keep on hitting because someday it will fall…And even if I had to keep on hitting ,I had no more strengh left in me.I felt like I was fighting a battle that I din wan to lose and the victory was not in sight either.I was truly at the end of the road.That’s when I did it.I gave up.I gave up on prayer.I gave up on hope.I gave up the dream that I would ever see the wall come down.And I was ready to give up my desire to win the battle.And in my mind,I walked away from the battle.

But He din.That’s right . He din give up. I saw a tiny crack in the wall forming.I saw that a tiny breakthrough in the battle.I moved a step forward which meant the enemy had to retreat a step. And I was surprised. It felt like a tiny ray of light in a dark room.A ray that still dint reach me .But it was a ray of light.Somewhere far away….But I could see it.

I was surprised.I had walked away from the battle but still I moved ahead.This is where I realised,I had been in the battle but never been the one fighting it.He had been the one fighting for me.I had been standing in front of the wall but was never the one banging it.He was the one hitting the wall for me.When I walked away,He din’t.All He wants me to do is just stay with Him.Be in His team.And He’ll fight it for me.

And He told me to dream again.So I will.I will dream again.