I gave up…..But He dint.

Yesterday,I was in one of ‘end of the road ‘ feeling.I just felt like I was hitting against a wall.A wall that would not bugde even a little bit. And I din know what else to do.I din know whether I had to move away from the wall or to keep on hitting because someday it will fall…And even if I had to keep on hitting ,I had no more strengh left in me.I felt like I was fighting a battle that I din wan to lose and the victory was not in sight either.I was truly at the end of the road.That’s when I did it.I gave up.I gave up on prayer.I gave up on hope.I gave up the dream that I would ever see the wall come down.And I was ready to give up my desire to win the battle.And in my mind,I walked away from the battle.

But He din.That’s right . He din give up. I saw a tiny crack in the wall forming.I saw that a tiny breakthrough in the battle.I moved a step forward which meant the enemy had to retreat a step. And I was surprised. It felt like a tiny ray of light in a dark room.A ray that still dint reach me .But it was a ray of light.Somewhere far away….But I could see it.

I was surprised.I had walked away from the battle but still I moved ahead.This is where I realised,I had been in the battle but never been the one fighting it.He had been the one fighting for me.I had been standing in front of the wall but was never the one banging it.He was the one hitting the wall for me.When I walked away,He din’t.All He wants me to do is just stay with Him.Be in His team.And He’ll fight it for me.

And He told me to dream again.So I will.I will dream again.


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