8 hr journey that lasted 11 hrs…….

Its funny how every time I take this travels, I end up having an adventure of some kind. last time was the accidents. This time it was a little different. The bus was supposed to start at 10 in the night. We started by 10:30. The cleaner of the bus showed up drunk and the driver was a new driver. What a combo!!! Anyway the driver refused to let the cleaner of the bus into the bus. SO off we started without the cleaner.

Soon after that, I saw lovely beautiful houses. Houses that would have generally caught my attention but they were all so new to me. So here I was, sitting and admiring those lovely huge houses. Suddenly we(me and my bus mates) heard a loud snap…And some guy came out of a house and started screaming at us. That’s when we realized what was happening. Our bus had just snapped couple of wires .That was when we realized that something was wrong. That was when we realized that our driver din actually know the route that we were supposed to take. I personally could not believe my eyes. How could anyone mistake a housing area for a highway? How could anyone even for a minute think that a highway could be so narrow and dark? I should have asked our driver the answers to that question.

And off we were going snapping wires along the way. Soon we had to stop. Cause our bus was stuck between couple of wires. We had to get off the bus as there were lot of wires dangling around that might snap at any moment. So off we went for a midnight stroll around our bus in an area we had no idea existed. Soon couple of passengers got on top of the bus and struggled with the wires and after an hour and half, we were all set to go again.

I did my most favourite thing. I slept. I slept so well that when I woke up at 4.30 in the morning, I was shocked to see our bus standing at place X that generally takes 3 hrs from the place I started. By usual standards, at 4.30 in the morning we should have been an hour and a half away from reaching my destination. But here we were, at X. That meant we were running late by 3 hrs and 30 mins. WHOA!! I gave up hope of reaching office at a decent time today. I then did the only thing I could do… I slept again.

And sure enough we reached my destination 3 hrs late. I am actually happy because I reached much earlier than what I had imagined. So this is it. A tale of a 8 hr journey that lasted 11 hrs…..


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