When my love was taken away…………

Its not very easy giving up on something that I absolutely love with the whole of my heart. Not even for a little while . I mean how can I just give up something that I dream so often about?. Something that sometimes I wake up thinking about. Sometimes this is the very thing that gets me out of bed. Something that I used to dream about in the middle of my work. Something that makes me remember the wonderful moments that I’ve had in the past. Something that I’ve always had in the past and dreamt of having in the future.Something that I never imagined I would have to give up… But then life isnt always how we dream it to be . I have to give it up that something.At least for a couple of days…..

Right from masala dosa/ sandwhich (with the spicy green chutney spread on the bread) in the morning to the spicy biriyani varieties / spicy meals / spicy gobi  lunch to the spicy pani puri / salty sweet corn / spicy potato chips in the evening to the absolutely totally overy spicy pg aunty’s dinner… I have to give it up… hmm.. Wanna get over this phase fast….


My first experiance of the much warned about Blore…

I’ve heard of bangalore being a bad place .. and I got to experiance it first hand….. Yesterday night , I was returning from office .sometime around 9.15 in the night.. I was walking towards my house when it started pouring..Since I had an umbrella I carried on walking. All of a sudden , I felt a pull . Before I realised what was happening, I saw two guys speeding away in a bike. It took me a second to realise that they had tried snatching my bag but thank God, they were somehow unable to get a hold of it. I immediately turned back to see if anybody was around . Thats’ when I realised that there was nobody else on the road beside. Since my house was just steps away from where this incident occured , I hurried home safe.
I was kinda in shock after this incident. I’ve heard of such things happening to people I know, but only when it happened to me did I fully understand the seriousness of the situation. Another thing for which I really feel thankful to God is this. Those guys could have really turned around that bike and come and demanded for my bag (which din have much except for my most cherished watch) . Nobody would have been there to help me out.
My realisation from this incident is this. God’s protection is always there. Even when we least expect it. Like HE said…. HE NEVER SLEEP NOR SLUMBERS
(Din tell this to my parents.. so ppl reading this please do not tell this to them n freak them out 🙂  )