Longest ever…….

Last night was a record breaking day in my life. I spent 3 hrs in my office bus. And this is only the journey back from office. I got into the bus at 6 in the evening and the bus left office by around 8 and reached home by around 9. The following is the account of how I spent the 3 hrs sitting in the same place .
6.00 pm – I decided to walk from the last as normally my bus will be among the last 15 buses. I spot my bus but a little sad that today it is the last bus.
6.01 pm – I hurry up to the bus as the it just begins to rain .” Phew! Thank God I din get wet and din have to open the umbrella ” . I scan the bus for a window seat and manage to find one towards the end.I think third from last. I sit comfortably.
6.02 pm – The bus is so closed and stuffy and I think it stinks. Think it is the seat covers that are torn and the stuff from inside the seat peeping out.It begin to pour.
6.03 pm – The smell is so over powering. But still I sit like that.I take out my haldiram’s moong dal and start munching
6.05 pm – ” OK !!! Heights. Can’t take the smell anymore. Have to open the windows. ” I open the window and cold wind gushes in. And so does the rain. I hurriedly close the window.
6.07 pm – I take my headphone and I start listening to music. “Thank God for music.” . I keep munching. 
6.15 pm – “Hmmm… The bus should be moving any time now. “
6.20 pm – It is pouring outside.”We should be moving any time now ”
6.25 pm – We are still standing in the same place. Decide I had enough of the moong dal and I keep the packet inside the bag.
6.30 pm – Still pouring.One seat is empty next to me. Another gal comes by . She lives near my house. I smile. She smiles. She takes the seat next to me .
6.40 pm – Yay.. The bus driver takes his place. He turns on the engine.I close my eyes.
6.50 pm – I open my eyes.  I’m near the gym area now.Must have dozed off.
7.00 pm – I call my friend. Tell her of my plight. Ask her if she wants to come in this bus. She declines. I continue with my music.
7.10 pm – We are moving a little . But we are still near the Gym area.
7.15 pm – The person sitting next to me decides she’s had enough and she gets off the bus saying she will take the next shuttle. I sit more comfortable.
7.20 pm – My friends calls up. She says she might be coming. Asks for the bus and I say “Still near the basket ball court”.She decides to come .
7.25 pm – We moved a little and we are near the pond. My friend comes worried maybe the bus has left. But she neednt have feared. We laugh at the fact that we are still in the office.She is hungry. I take out moong dal again and we munch.
7.30 pm – We talk , I listen to music . The bus driver turns off the engine. Lot of people get of the bus. Some walk down. Some think of taking a latter shuttle. But we sit on…… We finish the moong dal. Another person in te bus decides to call the transport people and release her frustration on them.
7.32 pm – We decide to cal out third friend thinking she might come in this bus too.We call her. she is on her way. She is surprised that we are still here. The driver gets off the bus. We hear news that there is a major traffic jam outside.
7.35 pm – The driver gets in. Bus moves a little. My friend calls. We tell her that the bus is standing next to my other friend’s tower. She hurries upto our bus.
7.40 pm – Our friend comes and friend 1 decides to sit in the front with friend 2. So they move one seat ahead and I sit comfortably again. The driver gets out.
7.50 pm – Driver gets in. We move a little ahead. can see the gate now . Another lady comes up and takes the seat next to me.My phone battery goes down to one charge.
7.55 pm – Almost at the gate. I think that I am gonna cheer once we are outside.We slowly crawl our way to the gate.
8.02 pm – We are outside the gate. Wow!!!! All I see around is cars and buses and tired people.
8.05 pm – I increase the volume to drown out the traffic noise.
8.10 pm – “What if the whole way is like this? When will I reach home?”
8.15 pm – No traffic anywhere else. Looks like the whole traffic was outside out office campus. I am irritated. “All that time for just outside the office? “
8.20 pm – nice breeze blowing on my face.
8.40 pm – Must have dozed of till now. Again traffic.”I need to move out of this city. I need to live somewhere where I can hear birds chirp and kids playing ”
8.50 pm – We move in a OK speed. Almost reaching my stop.
9.00 pm – I get up. Excited that I’m gonna get down.
9.01 pm – The bus stops. I get down.”Its been a long time since I set foot on ground”.
This is it. this is how I spent my time in the bus. Lots of things are not noted down here because I sincerely beleieve they are out of scope .For example there was this gal who kept talking all the time. talking  loud. So if I have to include that. My every line would include “She is still talking. Not mindful of her volume”. I seriously hope that no other day would beat yesterday.

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