An awesome day

I had the most wonderful day yesterday. Thanks to my wonderful wonderful friends , Ann, Bhavna n Vini. Starting from 12 am to 12 pm everything was so different. Was an absolutely lovely day.


My surprise started at 12 am itself when my roommates were fast asleep and did not wake up J They got up finally at around 1 and instead of the traditional cake , we had ice cream… loved it… we sat around in the bed and ate ice cream from the box. J Finally went to sleep. Next morning I Woke to find gifts around me . Every where I went I found really cute gifts. The gifts included 2 toothpaste, a tooth brush, a hair brush, couple of clips, a packet of Tide , roses and other flowers, a packet of lays and couple of choclate chip cookies packets…  they were 23 in number… I kept getting them all day long till the night.


IN office too I got a surprise party . from the people in the my office prayer fellowship. It was so sweet of them to so that.It was nice. We had a nice time. It was a total surprise for me. For the first time I think vini was able to pull of a surprise.. J thanks vini..


And I also got a recording that was recorded by my friends wishing me with a beautiful happy birthday song.


N then in the even we went out for dinner. My treat,, IT was so good,. We had so much of fun. N that is where I got my 23rd gift. I was stunned on seeing it. It was mind-blowing. Amazing. I opened the pack to find 23 perks in it. J My friends know me well….


My birthday was much more exciting that what it sound here…. The thing is .. I’ve told so many people in detail of what all my friends did for me that Right now, I feel like I cant out it in words.


Thank you Vini, Ann, Bhavna. You really made my day special… Love u gals…


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