Miss those days

Lately I find myself missing my college days. My school days. I don know what triggered my thoughts . But something did.


I miss those election times in school and the campainging we did for that . The sports week where one’s mind was only set on winning some points for the house. The school day practice times when studies came to an almost standstill. The march past competitions. Organising for the teacher’s day function.The Christmas celebrations. The choir times. The games hour. The afternoon lunches. The canteen. The fights and compromises. Exam times.  


And then there was college. The EMT times. The corporate worship times. The choir times, the hostel times, sleeping in class during lecture times, standing outside the class with the entire class, exam times, lab times, viva times and the hilarious comparing viva marks times, the politics, wondering who is going out with whom , watching movies secretly, sleeping during the study hour , running from room to room, begging room by room for something to eat, the Saturday afternoon biriyani , the Friday evening buses,  the Monday morning rushes , running for the counseling ,copying assignments, begging for a free period,flopping songs on the stage,bunking classes once in a while, running behind the SRA to go home…….


I miss my mom’s food. Her potato fry , her chicken fry, her various curries, her different kinds of rice…. L


I have a lot of new things in my life now. Like new friends, new fellowship, new kinda food . I have everything different here and I’ve gotten used to all of them now. But still a part of me cant stop wishing that I would get to live the life that I finished living for few minutes at least again.But I know… that’s not gonna happen…..


I wanna dedicate this blog to all my friends . all through college and school.. Who have made me wanna relive those days again.

Thanks Guys.


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