When I almost shed a tear….

I was on the bus travelling from my hometown to my place. The bus had just started when I started thinking  about the past three days that I spent at home. As I was thinking…


I remembered what a loving family I had. A place that I can call home. A place I know where I will always be welcomed at all time. People who would never shut the door at my face no matter what I do. People to love me no matter how much trouble I get them into.


I remembered my friends.. Friends with whom I can talk anything without having a second thought of whether it will be mistaken . Friends with whom I can laugh and cry.With whom I can share my deepest secrets. With whom I can confide my fears .Friends who will miss me when I go away.


And that is when I almost shed a tear. Had it come, it would have been a tear of joy. A tear of satisfaction. A tear of peace.


No wonder people say…”Family and friends…They keep you going”.They are one of God’s ways of showing HE cares.


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