Sometimes life can seem so unfair. Right now my life feels like that. The comp I have been alloted at work is so slow. What normally takes 2 hrs for everybody takes 4 hrs for me.There is no one who can sympathise with me on this one. After so many days of complaining and making everyone see , they have finally alloted me another computer. And now a major task lies ahead of me. Transferring all data from my old comp to the new one.This could easily take a day or two. I am not exaggerating my situation here.I need to compile 4 branches in 4 modes with each mode generally taking 4 that would mean, 4*4*4=64 hrs.So if I parallely give couple of branches for compilation , it should reduce the time by say 30 hrs. (hopefully) .hmmm.. it is scary to even about it. AHhhhhhhhhh. This is one of those days when I feel helpless about situations. And for those 2 days I wont have any productivity and hence I will haev to put in extra hours… And I don knwo where to find those extra hours considering the fact that I put in 15 hrs everyday at work(including my bus travel). hmmmm . Life in the IT industry can be demanding…
I have tried asking God,I have tried pleading wiht Him to make my computer faster. I have even tried challenging Him to change my computer supernaturally . I even prayed that HE would change my system speed and people will wonder how all of a sudden my system speed improved and then I will tell them that My God did it for me. I even planned on God’s behalf for His name to be glorified…. But alas….He only said…..PATIENCE…. 3 times….HMMMmmmm.. What else can I say except…..Lord have your way….

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