Life is all about facing what comes along. While we are the reason for some of the situation we find ourselves in, most of the time we are not. Some decision that we took years back may also be the cause of the situation we are in right now. But then it will be too late to go back and rework on that decision. So the current happenings may not be in our control at all. Maybe that is the risk in every decision we take. We know not where this might lead us in another couple of years. We may regret the decision that we took or we may end up glad of the decision taken. But what is important at present is the ‘What next?’ question. Staying gloomy or glad never ensures that the fire will continue burning tomorrow as it is today.

I’m only 23 but from those years of experience , I’ve learnt this. That no matter what decision you take, No matter how well you calculate your risk , there comes a point along the way of consequences of the decision taken, where you have to kneel and say “God, take care.I’m scared”.


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