My latest Obsession…Lights

I’m becoming more and more obsessed about lights….. When I see a lot of them… I go crazy wishing I had a camera with me to take a pic… Maybe one day I wil….

A tree in the dark covered with small blue serial lights …..

When stuck on a traffic jam on top of the bridge and when u see down….. One side of the road will be all yellow lights from the front of the vehicles and the other side will be all red lights from the back of the vehicles……THis is one of the most beautiful sights that I have ever seen….

When caught as the first vehicle in a traffic signal……U see the opposite side vehicles just starting off…My My… They are such a sight…. Once the vehicles start, it looks like tiny yellow light scattering to the left , right and center. I am not sure how many people have observed this… But it is again one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life…

The streets light on a long stretch of road…..

The above are a few examples of what I really love… Simple things…. But I’m so glad that God has helped me find beauty in them


I was dreaming of flying…. n I remembered I can walk….

I’ve always wanted to live in a small place… like a country side. Where not many people live and everybody knows everybody else. Maybe I borrowed my dream from the numerous movies that I’ve seen.hmm.. And I’m sure that I’m not the only one with a dream like this.

I realised today that In a way I did make my dream come true partially and if I try harder, it may fully come true.

True….I don like in a small country side village. I live in a massive huge concrete city where one’s window opens to the next man’s house. But I know my neighbours. I stop to say a hi to the uncle and aunty whenever I see them. I play with the little kids downstairs on my way up to the house. I pat the doggie when I come into the house.I smile at my neighbours when I see them and they smile back. Every morning on my way to office, I smile at an aunty who always is out walking at that time and she smiles back. I say a “Good morning” to the uncle who also is out walking and everytime he returns it with a very enthusiatic “Good morning”. When I get into the bus I say a hi to couple of my bus mates.

And I realise in a way… this is my dream. Maybe the small village past of it doesn’t match.. but still the contents do. And I must say…. I am loving it. People are sometimes so surprised when I smile at them…. But then it soon turns into a smile… And then on a new fondness appears. Smiling at people costs me nothing…But it sure brings me a lot of happiness…..

Sometimes we dream so high of flying….that we forget we can walk……..

Rip Off at Big B

I was out shopping at Big B in Bangalore last month. Me n my friends got couple of pillows from there each costing 110 Rs. And yesterday, we again went to get more of those pillows only to find out that the same pillows in the same place cost 229 Rs yesterday with a tag “50% off” . UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! I just could not digest the fact that they can be so cunning.

I went to the manager and asked him… Why they do this…. And the reply?????

“I can’t sell the same thing every month with the same rate” !!!!

And the tone wasn’t in the least apologetic or embarrassed about being confronted.

I wish I could take up this matter with someone who can do something about this.I think people should rise up against these kind of marketing strategies. I wonder if it is legal to do what they just did. I mean I know its their shop and they can sell what they want at the price they want…. But still I wonder if there is any law against this kind of a sale.