Rip Off at Big B

I was out shopping at Big B in Bangalore last month. Me n my friends got couple of pillows from there each costing 110 Rs. And yesterday, we again went to get more of those pillows only to find out that the same pillows in the same place cost 229 Rs yesterday with a tag “50% off” . UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! I just could not digest the fact that they can be so cunning.

I went to the manager and asked him… Why they do this…. And the reply?????

“I can’t sell the same thing every month with the same rate” !!!!

And the tone wasn’t in the least apologetic or embarrassed about being confronted.

I wish I could take up this matter with someone who can do something about this.I think people should rise up against these kind of marketing strategies. I wonder if it is legal to do what they just did. I mean I know its their shop and they can sell what they want at the price they want…. But still I wonder if there is any law against this kind of a sale.


One thought on “Rip Off at Big B

  1. even if there is a law on this. i am not sure if it will be enforced 🙂

    this is a 5 rs scam . wat abt the cosmetic companies scam. where they tell ppl tat u need to look “fair” and “beautiful” to become successful ?

    thats a billion $ scam.

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