I was dreaming of flying…. n I remembered I can walk….

I’ve always wanted to live in a small place… like a country side. Where not many people live and everybody knows everybody else. Maybe I borrowed my dream from the numerous movies that I’ve seen.hmm.. And I’m sure that I’m not the only one with a dream like this.

I realised today that In a way I did make my dream come true partially and if I try harder, it may fully come true.

True….I don like in a small country side village. I live in a massive huge concrete city where one’s window opens to the next man’s house. But I know my neighbours. I stop to say a hi to the uncle and aunty whenever I see them. I play with the little kids downstairs on my way up to the house. I pat the doggie when I come into the house.I smile at my neighbours when I see them and they smile back. Every morning on my way to office, I smile at an aunty who always is out walking at that time and she smiles back. I say a “Good morning” to the uncle who also is out walking and everytime he returns it with a very enthusiatic “Good morning”. When I get into the bus I say a hi to couple of my bus mates.

And I realise in a way… this is my dream. Maybe the small village past of it doesn’t match.. but still the contents do. And I must say…. I am loving it. People are sometimes so surprised when I smile at them…. But then it soon turns into a smile… And then on a new fondness appears. Smiling at people costs me nothing…But it sure brings me a lot of happiness…..

Sometimes we dream so high of flying….that we forget we can walk……..


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