Things on my mind right now…..

I need to sleep. Feelis like I havnt slept for ages… I need to sleep. I need to sleep.

Use God’s word for authority over Satan.

A tiny compromise can end up in a major breaking of rule.

My tummy is growling.

My camera 🙂

Long awaited day finally came n ended


Just another day

I am currently reading the book  ‘Piercing the darkness’. And I have to say… This book is actually making me think a lot differently about certain things. Like the spiritual warfare that must be constantly happening and how much our prayers work. Hmm… Only half way through it.

Went out for ice creams…. Got wet in the rain… I should say.. absolutely Lovely……

Who are you Lord????You are the Great I AM

When Moses asked God at the burning bush….”What should I say your name as?” God replied..”I AM THAT I AM”. For a long time I’ve been wondering what that really means…And this is what I found it means……

He is the hope in hopelessness.

He is the peace in times of turmoil.

He is the provider in times of need.

He is the comfortor in times of sorrow.

He is the friend in times of loneliness.

He is the father to the fatherless.

He is the refuge in times of distress.

He is the one who fights on behalf of the helpless.

He is the lover of the soul.

He is the one who satisfies our deepest longings.

He cares more than a mother does.

He corrects us with love.. more than a father does.

When He is everything that He can ever be….. what else could He have said His name was??? He would have limited Himself if He had called Himself by any one of the names that He has……

Isnt our God indeed the Great I AM???

Who are you Lord???? – You are great

There was a time when I felt I understood how truly great is our God… I remember that it was worship time in church…

And all of a sudden…. I just felt so small…I felt like I was standing on the lowest level and God was on the highest level….The distance between these two levels were so great…..I felt so helpless but to just say….God you are great…..

And since then….When I say.. God u r great… It means something to me. I feel like I know what I am saying…

Who are you Lord??????

Our biggest thought about God is as small as a tiny dot compared to who He really is. Sometimes we say things that we don mean at all. Recently I’ve been praying that I should mean what I say. Let me explain in the context I mean.

I kept saying at worship times “God … U r great. U r magnificient.U r wonderful. U r the ‘Great I Am’. U r all powerful…..” All supposed to be in praise of my God Jesus.But then one day..I realised…. When I say great… My mind only thinks to an extent I can think of. But then when it comes to God , the word great means a lot more. It is a lot deeper.That day.. I made a simple prayer…”God… Help me know who u really are so I can mean all the words that I say.”

And God has been wonderful.He is slowly patiently showing me the meaning of  those words…. I am not sure anybody reading this will understand what I write… But I just am hoping that this will inspire someone else to ask the same to God.

I think we have lived passive long enough.. It is time we fully understand the awesomeness of our God.And praise Him for who He really is.