Who are you Lord??????

Our biggest thought about God is as small as a tiny dot compared to who He really is. Sometimes we say things that we don mean at all. Recently I’ve been praying that I should mean what I say. Let me explain in the context I mean.

I kept saying at worship times “God … U r great. U r magnificient.U r wonderful. U r the ‘Great I Am’. U r all powerful…..” All supposed to be in praise of my God Jesus.But then one day..I realised…. When I say great… My mind only thinks to an extent I can think of. But then when it comes to God , the word great means a lot more. It is a lot deeper.That day.. I made a simple prayer…”God… Help me know who u really are so I can mean all the words that I say.”

And God has been wonderful.He is slowly patiently showing me the meaning of  those words…. I am not sure anybody reading this will understand what I write… But I just am hoping that this will inspire someone else to ask the same to God.

I think we have lived passive long enough.. It is time we fully understand the awesomeness of our God.And praise Him for who He really is.


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