Who are you Lord????You are the Great I AM

When Moses asked God at the burning bush….”What should I say your name as?” God replied..”I AM THAT I AM”. For a long time I’ve been wondering what that really means…And this is what I found it means……

He is the hope in hopelessness.

He is the peace in times of turmoil.

He is the provider in times of need.

He is the comfortor in times of sorrow.

He is the friend in times of loneliness.

He is the father to the fatherless.

He is the refuge in times of distress.

He is the one who fights on behalf of the helpless.

He is the lover of the soul.

He is the one who satisfies our deepest longings.

He cares more than a mother does.

He corrects us with love.. more than a father does.

When He is everything that He can ever be….. what else could He have said His name was??? He would have limited Himself if He had called Himself by any one of the names that He has……

Isnt our God indeed the Great I AM???


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