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He saw not what I was… but what I could be

I went to a painter asking for a portrait of myself

I ain’t a pretty person or a great good person

But I wanted to leave something behind after I was gone.

He said nothing but started painting with a smile on his face.

As he softly and patiently brushed every stroke, he hardly looked at me

Wondering if he will ever get my features right, I stammered

“Sir! You hardly see me. Can you draw me perfectly?”

Smiling he said,”Be still my child. I have you in my mind”


After a while he smiled and kept aside His brush.

I looked at him earnestly anxious of how I would look

“It is done. Do you wanna see?” he asked.

I nodded. Nervous and curious, I slowly walked up to him

Only to find a picture of a beautiful lovely girl.

The lines of anger, marks of worries visible on my face

Was replaced by a look of innocence and peace.

It was nothing I looked like but yet it was me.


Smiling, I asked him “Sir, Is this what I look like?

Saying nothing he just took me to a mirror.

“No. This is what you look like” he said.

I saw myself looking sad, jealous, arrogant and selfish.

Saddened by his words and by what I saw

Tears swelling up,I stammered “But the portrait…”

He smiled and said “The portrait is how I designed you to be.

This is how I want you to be remembered. The way I designed you”


Now sobbing I asked,” Sir How can I look like this again?

What is the price I have to pay?”

Smiling he stretched out his hands and said

“My Child I already paid the price for u on the cross”

I understood now .I fell on my knees crying

“Jesus! I wanna be how you made me to be.

Make me how you want me to be.

For you do not see who I am but what I could be”