Words that challenged me……../Amazing Grace

I was at a camp last weekend and it was such an amazing experience…….It felt good to get away for a weekend from the busy Bangalore life and spent time in the presence of the Lord.I”m kinda in a transition period and it certainly felt good to start that period at God’s feet.

There were a couple of things that really challenged me…..Hopefully I never forget them…..

1) God is not happy with us being in the maintainance mode but we should be in the multiplication mode.

– Very simple statement but something that is very thoughtful..Made me check on my life for the past couple of  days.

2) There is only growing or dying in the Lord.

– Another major check on my life. Realized that there is nothing as ‘being stagnant’ in our God’s spiritual dictionary.

3)We Christians need integrity in our lives.Just because God gave us a beautiful song does not mean that we only should sing that on all Television…

– Love this point. This is so true…. If only we had the intergrity to not seek our own glory……how different would we be right now….

4)We have the most creative person on earth as our God. So if we His children do not creatively use our talents for Him… we do not do justice….

5)Fire and Wind are a terrible combination. How can fire not spread if it combined with wind?????

-Made me think about a lot of things.. About people around me.

6)God’s grace is just amazing…I think I finally understand why they cal grace as ‘Amazing Grace’ .Nothing I ever do will ever be enough to earn any blessing from God.I always knew this. But lately God’s been really showing me what His grace really means. And now I realize whats grace. Wow…. what a major difference between ‘knowing abt Grace’ and ‘realizing what is grace’.

Lot more things were in my mind.. surprisingly can’t recollect them now… Maybe will post it when I remember…


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