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Job Search 1

I have attended only one interview so far in my life. And that was for the company that I worked earlier. Now that I’m back home, I’ve started searching for another job. I had no idea what the market situation right now is or actually speaking ever was. So when I got to hear that there is a walkin in cbe, I decided to attend . Just for the experiance of it. And this is how it was.

The walk in was from 8.30 to 3. I was there by 9 in the morning and gave my resume. There were so many people that I was shocked upon entering that place. And there was total chaos everywhere. The people conducting the interview were not that co-ordinated. Word was out that they were not prepared for the number of people who turned up.I waited and waited. I din even have place to sit for like a couple of hours. And when I finally got a place to sit, I din get up till the end for fear of losing that place.Finally few CV’s were shortlisted and called for the next round. And this happened at 3 in the afternoon.

What I learnt from this experience is this.

1) Finding a job is lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

2) I’m not alone in the situation I am in.

3) Things dont come easy.

4) I’ve got to learn to stand out. Make myself visible in a crowd.

5) Never blame myself for what happened in the past. Learn from it. It’s the future that counts.