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home again

Had an awesome time at the camp.Came home today after 4 tiring days… Was an lovely experience. Learnt so many things about people and how to deal with them. Got to catch on my sleep. Planning to sleep the whole of tommorow.. Really badly need to sleep….

I attended an interview in a bank and most prob will be joining the same next month. in CHennai.. 😦 the one place i din want to go. WIl blog more aout it in detail when I feel like.. 🙂 too tired to continue now…

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Why do we expect things from people? Why do we depend on people? Cant we just live life on our own.. Lately I’ve been thinking. Or rather wishing that I can just be in some place where nobody knows me to expect things from me. Wish life was as easy as they show in the movies. But sadly it is not… Every time  I take a favor from someone , somehow or the other they make sure that I remember it by saying it again and again and demanding a favor in return. I am constantly reminded of my flaws that puts me in a awkward situations where I begin to condemn myself for not doing a favor to that person when I really cannot do that favor.Wonder who ever coined the term ’emotional blackmail’…. Hate it…U can’t do it and u feel bad for not doing it. ugggggghhhhh……

Wish man was not  a social animal.Wish I can do what I want to without fearing about anyone else.Wonder how it will be if we are able to move from place to place.. Like u know…U move if u want to…

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Am still in blore.. shifted most of vini’s stuff  out. My stuff still remaining. Gonna start with my packing now. Part of me wishes I could remain in blore. But part of me wants to go back to cbe. Waiting to see how things will work out. I attended an interview on saturday. Went well but still waiting for the results.  I never realised the number of rounds we have to go through to get a job. Got another round of telephonic interview today evening…..Let me see… Now back to packing my stuff…

People ask me how I keep myself occupied these days… Well… Thanks to FaceBook…I have no problem about my time…. But I think I am addicted to FB.I think I need to fast FB for some time.

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Soaps…makes the wise wiser and the dumb dumber

I really don’t understand what is it with Soaps. I used to think that only soaps in my regional language was absolutely useless but I was wrong… There is one English soap that airs everyday afternoon on tv. While motive and money seems to be the driving force in tamil soaps, english soaps have sleeping around with other people.

Try watching any soap for one day and you cannot see one episode where everybody is happy or an episode where someone is not scheming the downfall of another…I just don understand how the writers can think of such stuff. Or how the viewer’s take it. The sad part is lots of kids end up watching this stuff.I wonder what impression this puts in their heads.

True, I was a part of the soap watching crowd for some time some years back. But am so glad I saw through it.Guess that puts me in the wiser crowd 🙂

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My dream…

We often dream about things…Its a good thing that there is no limit to dreaming. Its a good thing that dreaming does not depend on real life situations.

This is one of my crazy dreams. To have a home. That can serve as a family to little kids who never had one. I read about mercy homes today and realized that this is exactly what I dream about.Right now, I don have the money, space or someone who shares my dream.I don see how this is possible in my future but I’m gonna try to do everything possible to keep this dream alive. Maybe one day, bring it to reality.

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I guess I have to be an american to really understand them.I read online today that some parents oppose their president talking to their kids for fear that he will impose his ideals on the kids… I mean… Am I missing something here??? They elect someone and don’t want their elected representative leading their kids. I understand I wouldn’t want my kid listening to Osama or any other that kind of leader… but Obama???