Soaps…makes the wise wiser and the dumb dumber

I really don’t understand what is it with Soaps. I used to think that only soaps in my regional language was absolutely useless but I was wrong… There is one English soap that airs everyday afternoon on tv. While motive and money seems to be the driving force in tamil soaps, english soaps have sleeping around with other people.

Try watching any soap for one day and you cannot see one episode where everybody is happy or an episode where someone is not scheming the downfall of another…I just don understand how the writers can think of such stuff. Or how the viewer’s take it. The sad part is lots of kids end up watching this stuff.I wonder what impression this puts in their heads.

True, I was a part of the soap watching crowd for some time some years back. But am so glad I saw through it.Guess that puts me in the wiser crowd 🙂


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