Why do we expect things from people? Why do we depend on people? Cant we just live life on our own.. Lately I’ve been thinking. Or rather wishing that I can just be in some place where nobody knows me to expect things from me. Wish life was as easy as they show in the movies. But sadly it is not… Every time  I take a favor from someone , somehow or the other they make sure that I remember it by saying it again and again and demanding a favor in return. I am constantly reminded of my flaws that puts me in a awkward situations where I begin to condemn myself for not doing a favor to that person when I really cannot do that favor.Wonder who ever coined the term ’emotional blackmail’…. Hate it…U can’t do it and u feel bad for not doing it. ugggggghhhhh……

Wish man was not  a social animal.Wish I can do what I want to without fearing about anyone else.Wonder how it will be if we are able to move from place to place.. Like u know…U move if u want to…


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