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Reality check…

The power to imagine throws open a whole new world for me. A world in which the reality is concealed by my wishes and wants. A world in which my dreams always come true. A world where my future is secure, safe and predictable.A world where my knight in shining armour exists. A world in which the ending is always what I want. But I am slowly coming to the understanding that because of my world of imagination, I sometimes am refusing to accept the truth. While at times my imagination helps me get through my difficult times, it is quietly merging with the reality.And the result is , I end up expecting things that may never happen.

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The bar is always high….

Its funny how things work in this world. For example, lets say.. a target was set… And when it was achieved, the bar was simple raised… No time taken for appreciation of the previous expectation being met. No time for celebration. Its almost like..”U did it… great.. lets c u do this”. What is the point???? To see how high we can go??? Many of us die in the process of finding out how high we can go. Or those of us who may live to see our highest point, will be too worn out to enjoy what we have achieved… so Why???? Why do we keep pushing ourselves to do things????What is the point to whatever we do in this earth???

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There is a place in our hearts….where only God can reach

Got the bank job in chennai… When I first heard of the news that I am moving to chennai..I was devastated. Because chennai is the one place that I thought I would never go. But here I was.. heading there. It was at that time that I felt something in my heart. I din know if it was pain or disappointment or sadness but I knew that at that time it hurt very bad in my heart. This continued for couple of hours until God intervened…I was at a camp and we sang the song ‘yesu pothum yenakku’. Something happened when I sang that song…God reached out and spoke to me. And then there was peace… A peace that transcends all understanding. A peace that I could not explain but only experience. And that peace still continues in my heart today whenever I think of my job and chennai…