Visit to the beach

I wonder if we will ever outgrow our fascinations.Like for instance, I have always loved the beach. Though I lived my entire life away from places having a beach, I’ve always wanted to live next to one. Many of my day dreams contained beaches. I’ve dreamt of standing in the shore with the waves crashing against my feet.I’ve dreamt of walking along the shore with my sweetheart holding my hand.I’ve dreamt of how it will be to be in the middle of the sea with no land visible around me.But I did not have any memories of actually visiting one. Of course, I remember going to a beach years back but then it remains just a distant memory.

Last weekend I actually did land up in a beach thanks to my wonderful friends. And the feeling was just awesome. The cold feeling on water on my feet, the sinking feeling when the waters washes away, and the weird feeling when you see the endless sea was just amazing. I could have just stood there for hours enjoying that feeling.Dinner was by the seaside and I remember so clearly the sea crashing on the shore just yards away from us.It was like a dark painting with just the corners painted a slight grey and white.Wow. I hope this picture remains imprinted in my mind till the next time I visit a beach.


2 thoughts on “Visit to the beach

  1. SERIOUSLY !!!

    “dreamt of how it will be to be in the middle of the sea with no land visible around me.”

    i get this dream often and i call it a nightmare :S . u like being all alone in middle of nowhere ?? :S

    😛 calgary has no beach 😛

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