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People……..n the passport office

I was down at the passport office recently and that set me thinking.The number of applicants per day is restricted to a small varying number each day.The day that I was there, it was a mere 50. Though I was there as early as 5.30 in the morning, I did not make it to the 50.I was around 65th in line.And the line kept increasing as the morning dawned.I noticed the people around and decided that I could categorize them into 3 kinds based on the emotions displayed.

1) Cool, Calm type :  This category included people like me who were sure they were not in the 50 and people who were early up in the line(well within the 50)

2) Tensed, agitated type : This category included people from slot no 45 to 55.  slots 45 – 50 were agitated because they did not want anybody to get into the line before them causing them to move back in the slots and end up eventually out of the 50.So they were acting like the guardians of the line.That kept them on their toes throughout the 4 hrs. wait. Slots 50-55 were agitated because they are so near the cut and yet so far away. It was for them a matter of few minutes that led to their slot pushed away from the 50.

3) The simple evil type : This category is the typical human mind at work. These people were scattered all over the line after slot 50. They  fighted, they schemed, they screamed to get themselves a slot before the cut off  but the type 2 people made sure they din.

There was a guy who was standing in front of me. He left after 15 minutes of waiting.Now, I dont know whether that was a wise decision or not but the result was he din get to apply for the passport but I did. I am not saying that I was wise by being patient and taking a chance. In my mind, I think he is the wise person. After all, he din waste time standing for what may or may not happen. I took a  chance and it paid off for me.

And then there was this guy who stood at no 51 for a long long time. He waited in the line long after the cut off was announced but left 10 minuted before the announcement of the cut off number being relaxed. Now he , I think made a foolish decision. He waited for 5 hrs in vain, Had he waited for another couple of mins till the whole crowd vanished he would not have atleast lost out on the chance he had(which again may or may nor have gone his way.But in this case it would have).I stood there coz I had nothing to lose.But then again, do u lose something if u know u never had it??? I hope he never gets to know that he lost out his chance.

I guess take away here is to never regret for what may or may not have happened had u taken the chance or not taken.


I used to think that I knew who I was... that I knew where I was heading.. that i knew what I wanted to do in life. But then I realised that there was very little that I knew about myself. So right now all I do is trust Jesus to show me the rest.

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