My newly found love…..

I’ve been in a relationship with Arun for quite some time before we got married. During that period of time, I used to wonder about how I felt. I mean, to the world, I was in love with Arun but I was not quite sure of what it meant. Arun was my best friend. True. And he was also my special friend in a way that I completely adored him and knew that I wanted to be around him a lot. But I wondered a lot about what the phrase ‘being in love’ meant. I wondered if I was in love. And because everybody used the word ‘love’  to explain how I felt towards Arun I concluded that I was in love. But not so.

Things changed after I got married. I feel a totally new sense of feeling towards Arun that I just cannot explain. It’s like every time I think of him a whole new joy fills me.And like I said, I just cannot explain what the very thought of him makes me feel.And I realise that this is what must be ‘love’.

So to all the true couples out there dating each other thinking that they are deeply in love…. think again… cause I believe love blossoms only in a marriage. And being married is awesome 🙂 .


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