what u hear influences who u r

My mom and I share a weird relationship. We tell each other everything that happened in our lives and use the data to fight with each other…. anyway back to what I was trying to say….

My mom is a somone who cannot dream of picking up a quarrel with anybody (except me and its mutual actually). When she knows someone is upset with her for absolutely no fault of hers, she goes out of her way to talk to them and make sure things are ok. I’ve heard story after story about everyday incidences  for years where someone would try to ignore or avoid her for some reason but she had made it alright by goin the extra mile and talking to them. All these years I’ve only been a silent listener to most of her stories. I never realised I was getting influenced by this unknowingly until……

Two days back,I met person X after a very long time.For the brief amount of times we met before,  we’ve gotten along pretty well.Actually I remember enjoying each other’s company very well. X is someone you can instantly connect with.So two days back when I saw X at a distance I was hoping to catch X’s attention to say a quick hi. But somehow our eyes din meet. So when X walked into the room where me and 2 of my friends were sitting I was quite excited to see X. To my surprise X came into the room, spoke to my other 2 friends and turned to leave all the time pretending to have never seen me when X actually in fact did see me( I believe) as early as I arrived.

I was dumbstruck. I could not believe that X  had just did that. But in the next 2 seconds that followed I called our X’s name. X turned and we both spoke to each other.After first few minutes of awkward conversation, our friendship started from where we had left and we both went back to having a gud time again.

I came home and was wondering what had happened for X to react that way the time. My guess is this. X and Y had a squabble some time back and I am kinda related to Y. After the squabble this was the first time I was meeting X . This had to be the reason. Anyway I realised that it was a gud thing that I called out X’s name when I did because had X walked out of that room I believe that we may never have spoken again. I got to thinking why or what made me call out X’s name. In that 2 seconds that I had, I never ran reasons in my mind whether or not I should cal out X’s name. It just came out instantly. Had I let my brain work those 2 seconds I am sure my pride would have prevented me from calling out to X. And this is exactly what my mom had taught me over the years.. She never knew she was teaching me this (or maybe she did)… but I’m so glad she did.

so the point here???…. beware of what you tell your kids… They learn from your experiences and your actions…


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