A lil gal just called me ‘akka’ :)

A little girl called me ‘akka’ today. Now why am I so excited at that u ask??? Well… I asked the same question to myself and this is what I came up with.

Living in Bangalore for a couple of years I’ve come to a rather painful conclusion that the word ‘akka’, is a word that English speaking kids do not use anymore.They either call you by name or say ‘aunty’. My first realisation of this came 3 yrs ago when a kid in my church called me ‘aunty’. I was shocked. That was the first time someone had ever called me ‘aunty’. “I am not old enough to be an aunty” I told myself at that time. That was only the begining. Soon I became an ‘athai’. My marriage brought in names like ‘annie’ as well.

Couple of months back, I called my mom’s colleague ‘aunty’ when she politely corrected me that she was only a couple of years ahead of me. Now why did I call her aunty??? Simply because she works with my mom and she wears a sari everyday to work. 🙂 I know.I know. How wrong can I be??

Anyway back to where I was. It has been quite a while since I’ve been called ‘akka’. So while it bugs me that the lil gal is constantly calling me and not letting me concentrate on my work, I am gonna let her call me as often as she wants. Just so that I can hear her call me ‘akka’.  Feels 18 again. 🙂



I was standing at a manned signal. I was quite at the end of a very long line of vehicles when an ambulance came (with the siren blasting) behind me. I was sure that the police regulating the traffic would have heard the siren but I ‘m also sure that he would not have known from which direction the ambulance was sounding from. (Once I stood at the beginning of the same signal and I could not make out from which direction an ambulance was coming from.) The traffic in my side was not moving when all of a sudden all the vehicles around me started honking like crazy. Within seconds the whole of my side vehicles were honking. (Quite a noise pollution it was. But happy if it had saved a life). Soon enough, my side was let off. And amazingly everybody made way for the ambulance before they can move on.

Makes me wonder if I sometimes under-estimate humanity and its compassion.


Good old days

I remember watching few serials when I was small and thinking that they are the best ever. Sadly those days seem to be gone. Not that I’ve stopped watching but just that I don find such good ones anymore.I thought that maybe when I watched Full house and all the ol school stuff, I was young and so I felt fascinated by those serials. But I recently found out that I was wrong. I probably watched the entire Full house seasons a million times(um.. not literally) and I can even say some of the dialogues memorized with the expressions. Recently I got my hands on the entire seasons and I started watching them cause I was bored. Now I am hooked to it. AGAIN.So I guess it is true.. That quality programs are never made anymore.

Sigh….Those were the good old days……..

If I am to God the apple of His eye, He is to me my eyelid.

It was dark and cloudy. I was cruising on my activa when all of a sudden my eyes kept closing. I had to fight to keep my eyes open to drive. It was only after a few seconds did I feel it. The first few drops of rain. I felt it on my face.I felt it on my hand. Soon , I felt it all over me. And that is when I realised. My eyes had(maybe) sensed the drops that was falling around me even before I felt it. And my eyelids wanted to close to protect my eyes.  And then dawned upon me a greater revelation… If I am to God the apple of His eye, He is to me my eyelid. Protecting me from all the dangers even before I know it. HALLELUJAH MY SAVIOUR LIVES.

Being myself…..

The only highlight of today would be me catching up with a lovely couple today. Made me think again of how blessed I am to be surrounded by friends with whom I can be myself.And that thought led to this post…

I consider myself to be ‘easy to hang around’ type. (For those of you who think otherwise… I probably don like u… (kidding :))  ).  While I try to be myself most of the time, there are times when I actually try to be someone I’m not. For the sake of society, for the sake of people around me, I do try to put up a front to match their liking…don we all??? But my prob is… I can’t keep up that front a long time. It is only a matter of minutes before I blow up and the ‘blown up’ me comes out more ugly than the real me.

But the best part is… I have few people in my life with whom I can be myself and it is such a relief to just be in their presence even if it be for a few minutes.To name an example would be Arun. I find myself thanking the Lord more than often for being  able to be myself with him. Cause if I did have to put up a mask with him.. Imagine what a lifetime of that would feel like.(Ahhhh…shiver me timbers!!!)

My virtual World

Couple of days back my dad read aloud an article from some paper which said something like this. ‘The internet generation likes to spend time on the computer rather than sit with the family and talk.’ And I can’t help but think it is true.
Pausing to think about my daily routine, I am beginning to feel ashamed that I played my part in validating that statement. It’s been 2 weeks since I starting working now. But my spending time with the internet hasn’t changed a bit. I mean I stay connected all the time at work and the moment I step into the house, I eat and settle myself in front of the laptop. Maybe if I was using a desktop, I would pause to get up and stretch myself. But the laptop hasn’t helped my condition a bit. I wanna stretch, the laptop stretched with me. I wanna lie flat, the laptop lies on the bed with me. What can I say??? I seem to be living with my laptop. And having a hubby abroad (with whom most of the communication happens through the internet) makes matters worse.
So here is my ugly moment of truth. I am living in a virtual world. Can’t live with it and certainly can’t live without it. Hmm … Here starts a journey to find my balance.


I’ve started working again. Just temporary. But I kinda have to say that I am enjoying the work that I am doing now. Involves teaching about software testing. So I am staying in my line (s/w testing) and also doing something that I like and always wanted to do (teaching). So my career line goes like 3 different kinds of job in 3 yrs. Hmmm… Interesting. Maybe is it very early to decide whether I love this job, but so far looks like this is the best kinda job that I’ve ever done so far.:)