My virtual World

Couple of days back my dad read aloud an article from some paper which said something like this. ‘The internet generation likes to spend time on the computer rather than sit with the family and talk.’ And I can’t help but think it is true.
Pausing to think about my daily routine, I am beginning to feel ashamed that I played my part in validating that statement. It’s been 2 weeks since I starting working now. But my spending time with the internet hasn’t changed a bit. I mean I stay connected all the time at work and the moment I step into the house, I eat and settle myself in front of the laptop. Maybe if I was using a desktop, I would pause to get up and stretch myself. But the laptop hasn’t helped my condition a bit. I wanna stretch, the laptop stretched with me. I wanna lie flat, the laptop lies on the bed with me. What can I say??? I seem to be living with my laptop. And having a hubby abroad (with whom most of the communication happens through the internet) makes matters worse.
So here is my ugly moment of truth. I am living in a virtual world. Can’t live with it and certainly can’t live without it. Hmm … Here starts a journey to find my balance.


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