Being myself…..

The only highlight of today would be me catching up with a lovely couple today. Made me think again of how blessed I am to be surrounded by friends with whom I can be myself.And that thought led to this post…

I consider myself to be ‘easy to hang around’ type. (For those of you who think otherwise… I probably don like u… (kidding :))  ).  While I try to be myself most of the time, there are times when I actually try to be someone I’m not. For the sake of society, for the sake of people around me, I do try to put up a front to match their liking…don we all??? But my prob is… I can’t keep up that front a long time. It is only a matter of minutes before I blow up and the ‘blown up’ me comes out more ugly than the real me.

But the best part is… I have few people in my life with whom I can be myself and it is such a relief to just be in their presence even if it be for a few minutes.To name an example would be Arun. I find myself thanking the Lord more than often for being  able to be myself with him. Cause if I did have to put up a mask with him.. Imagine what a lifetime of that would feel like.(Ahhhh…shiver me timbers!!!)


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