I was standing at a manned signal. I was quite at the end of a very long line of vehicles when an ambulance came (with the siren blasting) behind me. I was sure that the police regulating the traffic would have heard the siren but I ‘m also sure that he would not have known from which direction the ambulance was sounding from. (Once I stood at the beginning of the same signal and I could not make out from which direction an ambulance was coming from.) The traffic in my side was not moving when all of a sudden all the vehicles around me started honking like crazy. Within seconds the whole of my side vehicles were honking. (Quite a noise pollution it was. But happy if it had saved a life). Soon enough, my side was let off. And amazingly everybody made way for the ambulance before they can move on.

Makes me wonder if I sometimes under-estimate humanity and its compassion.



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