A lil gal just called me ‘akka’ :)

A little girl called me ‘akka’ today. Now why am I so excited at that u ask??? Well… I asked the same question to myself and this is what I came up with.

Living in Bangalore for a couple of years I’ve come to a rather painful conclusion that the word ‘akka’, is a word that English speaking kids do not use anymore.They either call you by name or say ‘aunty’. My first realisation of this came 3 yrs ago when a kid in my church called me ‘aunty’. I was shocked. That was the first time someone had ever called me ‘aunty’. “I am not old enough to be an aunty” I told myself at that time. That was only the begining. Soon I became an ‘athai’. My marriage brought in names like ‘annie’ as well.

Couple of months back, I called my mom’s colleague ‘aunty’ when she politely corrected me that she was only a couple of years ahead of me. Now why did I call her aunty??? Simply because she works with my mom and she wears a sari everyday to work. 🙂 I know.I know. How wrong can I be??

Anyway back to where I was. It has been quite a while since I’ve been called ‘akka’. So while it bugs me that the lil gal is constantly calling me and not letting me concentrate on my work, I am gonna let her call me as often as she wants. Just so that I can hear her call me ‘akka’.  Feels 18 again. 🙂


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