The God talk…..

A friend of mine had this as his status…. “Don trust someone who always talk about God. They use it as a mask to cover their real self” or something like that. And I thought I could’n agree more.Set me thinking.

I’ve experienced this quite a bit when I was in college. Having studied in a college where we were taught to think and talk God all the time this sometimes came natural to me. But then came the time when I realized by doing that I am kinda distancing myself from the crowd that should be seeing God in me rather than hearing God from me.

I remember times in school when I was so dead against the idea of falling in love. I was thought that love was a wrong word. But then came a time in college when I actually fell in love and all that I was taught was forgotten.I’m sure that my high school buddies when they heard that I was dating , would have thought the same of me.

Now the problem I think lies in the fact that we are taught to depend or rather listen to someone else’s idea. In school I was taught that ‘love’ was wrong.Cause all that the elders around me associated with ‘love’ was cinema, dirty touchings and sex.No one at that time spoke to me about real love or the beauty associated with it. Or the fact that ‘love’ was loving someone unconditionally.So when I began to experience ‘love’ it felt so different from what I had thought it was. And I had to go through feelings of guilt and self-condemnation cause I fell in love.

Now what I would like to tell friends who think ‘All those who talk about God wear a mask to cover up their real selves’ is this. There are people who really use it as a mask. But then, there are also those who are just taught that. Give them a break. They’ll come around.


One thought on “The God talk…..

  1. I am also seeing that if we can keep talking about God, ppl tend to think that we are that holy holy. But in reality only God n we knw the truth… the point i would like to make is, i agree with u n ur friend and there is partial truth in what your friend has put in his status message.

    What I am realizing is, I can put on a mask by talking about God, but I am going to be a big time loser. God is not happy with what we say but what we are. But it’s very much possible we tend to hide the real WE by having ‘God’ tag.
    However, people who are making such statements (like ur friend) are NOT looking at God…. they are looking at people and judgin them which again is not the right thing.. people will make mistakes n let God work in them…

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