New Year’s eve

Every year towards midnight, I would be in church and would think of this 1 question.? “How will my life be next year this time.?” . It is more of a statement of hope, dream and faith rather than a hanging question. It is more of a dream and imagination of how I want my life to be.

So here I am this year waiting for things to happen in my life.Waiting to understand myself. Waiting to know who I’ve become.I hope the next year is better than all the years I’ve had before.

Happy New year everyone.


When I gave him my hand.

Call me old fashioned, but I do like the concept of girl being taken care of, by the guy.I like the idea of a guy taking care of the gal’s needs.The concept of  princess being swept off her feet by her knight in shining armor is still high on my ‘Like’ list.Its almost a year since I got married and thinking about that day, the first moment that comes to my mind is when we held hands in church for the first time. That was my moment.

When I gave him my hand

When I gave him my hand

I had given my heart to Arun long before our wedding day. But on that day, when the pastor took my hands and placed it on Arun’s hand, it was my moment. My moment of telling Arun, he has my life, my dreams, my passions and everything else that I had held dear for my whole life. It was my moment of letting Arun know, I’m making him a part of my life. My moment of showing him, that all that I have was his.It was THE moment of my life so far. My moment.

Five things I learnt from my mom.

1.Come trouble, family is one bunch of  people who will feel it with you.

2.Your  teaching ability lies in explaining a concept to a layman and not a wiseman.

3.The art of giving / helping those in need without expecting anything in return.

4.Treating maid/man servants as people just like you and me and should be treated with respect.

5.Earn respect and never expect it.

If Arun was Bear Grylls….

I just spent an entire hour watching an episode of Man Vs Wild ( Discovery channel. It is a program where the host Bear Grylls ( shows the viewers how to survive in the wilderness if ever caught in adverse circumstances. While it made a very interesting watch , I could not help but think the whole time ‘Does he have a girlfriend / wife? How on earth does she feel about him doing such dangerous stuff for a living?’ . Maybe thought and spoken like a wife, but I googled and sure enough he is married with sons.Led to me thinking, what if Arun came home one day and told me he wanted to be like Bear Grylls?

My first reaction would be is to have an heart attack. Then I would scream , fight, cry etc etc begging him to rethink before I would eventually give in to his desire. But I can sleep in peace tonight and for every following nights cause knowing Arun, he would never say something like this in a million years. And thank God for that.

My point here is, I think it is very important that a husband and wife knows about the field their spouse is working in. I think it benefits if both of them belong to a same field of work. For example, I think the late Steve Irwin (the crocodile hunter guy) could could not have had fun in what he did had his wife not been the outdoor type and joined him in his expeditions. There are of-course a lot of  exceptions to my theory. But in all such cases, it is important that the spouse understands the field he / she works in and the challenges that come along with it.

I think marrying someone also includes marrying their work, likes, dislikes etc.Its a whole package. If one does not respect and understand what the spouse does for a living, I think it becomes difficult to respect the person which in turn can screw up a marriage.

When you love a person, start loving what they do as well.


So Christmas is over and I must say, it was better than I expected it to be. I had probably the best Christmas service time in church ever. Maybe, because this time I made a conscious effort to fix my eyes on JESUS rather than sitting in church n thinking about anything else. And I realized once more my mom was right when ever she says, does not matter where you worship God as long as your heart wants to worship God. Then any service will be meaningful.

After church, followed times of good food and sleep. Now preparing for my corp training session from Monday. I love my work. I think I’ve found my dream job.

My Christmas Eve

Its Christmas eve n so far, its not looking good. Who am I trying to kid ? I gotta face it. This is one Christmas where fixing my eyes on JESUS is the only thing that can get me through this season.

Gonna try getting some sleep. Got a huge day tomorrow. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. May it be a Christ centered day.