A lovely afternoon

So I just back from having a lovely afternoon with priscilla akka, fancy akka and evangelin akka. There is a special joy in connecting with people our same wavelength. (note that I said same wavelength and not same age). Though different age group, we all could blend in. Taking about husbands, cooking, married life. Now I know some of you might want to make the comment that I have become an aunty(this includes dinny n vini) but HEY!!! I am glad 🙂 I realize growing old is a graceful and a very nice thing if you have wonderful memories made along the way. And I am glad that I have more than just a couple of wonderful memories already made.

ok. I am just 25 . not that old I know. But still i better acknowledge the fact that everyday I am getting older and hopefully wiser (though I`m quite annoyed that the wiser part is not being very obvious). Cause i feel like only yesterday I was 18 and today I`m 25. Maybe when I blink next I`ll be 40.I better be prepared mentally. 🙂

Gosh, this post is begining to sound more and more like I`m sad that Im growing old. Actually I`m not. All I wanted to say was… I had a wonderful afternoon. Thanks gals 🙂


One thought on “A lovely afternoon

  1. Yes it was a great afternoon… 🙂 We had time to chat and laugh even after the candle light service practice. Next we will meet in some body’s house and have better lunch :p
    Thanks a lot for making it happen… take care & bye for now 🙂

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