blah blah n more blah

Knowingly or unknowingly we seem to force our opinion on people around us. I hate it when that happens to me when I am on the opinion being forced upon side. I guess I don mind when I’m on the opinion forcin  err…. ummm… giving side. If I look around, I see it happening all the time. Opinions are forced on us in the form of advice or a narration on an incident. If I think for a while now, I am sure that I can come up with a million opinion of mine regarding things that I probably borrowed from others.

To cut this possibly long post short, I am taking a pledge to not let anyone lend me their opinion. I pledge to create my own copyrighted opinion on things.

Shoppings’ been on my mind for quite some time now. Need to visit the max store here.

Got my choir prac tomm morn. Been having the cold for the past 1 week and it is beginning to get on my nerves.

Got my quilt back from the dry cleaners today… O Quilt, How I missed you.

Dying for a KFC/Coffee Day visit.

Mc.d … IF you are reading this post…. please come to to cbe soon. You wil have one faithful customer I tell you.


One thought on “blah blah n more blah

  1. 🙂 u truely cannot exempt urself frm external influence. the one ur talking abt is when ur conscious that a opinion is pushed to ur brain.

    but what abt the ones that are pushed to ur brain and u dont realize tat?

    also the ones you are talking about is when u have an opposing opinion or dont agree to the opinion being forced onto you. but what about the ones which are forced to you when u dont have an opposing opinion or dont have enough info to reject this opinion. Eg: religion was pushed to u when u were a lil kid 🙂

    watch the movie “Thank you for smoking” it shows how “opinions” are pushed without you knowing . btw tat movie has nothing to do with religion.

    i like this quote frm ravi zecharias “when a kid is watching movie or reading something or up looking at something you can be sure that his brain is forming opinions and convictions.” wat he means is when “hero” of the movie attracts a girl by smoking you bet the kid will want to smoke. and tats y the cigarette company ppl paythe “hero” to smoke in the movie !!!!!

    off the topic :

    we teach our kids “if u do good u will get good stuff if ur bad you will be punished” isnt tat totally against Christianity ?? A real santa will give gifts to all kids right ???

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