city i knew once is slowly disappearing

So i finally shopped today. At max. When to kFC. had prac today.had a funny incident today actually. A friend of mine din turn up for prac because she was planning on a solo practice session..:) actually realised it woudn sound funny here in my post so i’m gonna skip explaining that.

When at KFC, i got really excited because it felt so much like I was back in bangalore. Cause of all the malls and the shops and the people i saw there.What I terribly missed was my husband :(. Amidst all the excitement I felt, I felt a
sudden sadness piercing my heart. Coimbatore as I knew it was disappearing right before my eyes. The city that I grew up with smiling caring people was become like one of the metros. Where no one cared what the other did. Pain creping my heart as i type it.
So in short had a good day today… now extremely tired.

There was a time when I hated shopping. And then I realised I am a women. I love shopping now 🙂


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