When I gave him my hand.

Call me old fashioned, but I do like the concept of girl being taken care of, by the guy.I like the idea of a guy taking care of the gal’s needs.The concept of  princess being swept off her feet by her knight in shining armor is still high on my ‘Like’ list.Its almost a year since I got married and thinking about that day, the first moment that comes to my mind is when we held hands in church for the first time. That was my moment.

When I gave him my hand

When I gave him my hand

I had given my heart to Arun long before our wedding day. But on that day, when the pastor took my hands and placed it on Arun’s hand, it was my moment. My moment of telling Arun, he has my life, my dreams, my passions and everything else that I had held dear for my whole life. It was my moment of letting Arun know, I’m making him a part of my life. My moment of showing him, that all that I have was his.It was THE moment of my life so far. My moment.


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