My interview as appeared on WordPress

Ha ha. Fooled you Din’t I? Told you. You should get your own blog so you can type what ever you want.You can even be the president.Hey! I got you to read this, Din’t I? Now, thats a tip here.Always come up with a catchy caption.Now, that you’ve read so far, you might as well read the whole post.What say?

Since no one is interested in interviewing me,(no one so far and looks like that’s how it is gonna be in the near future), I decided to do a self interview. So, hope you enjoy this and maybe you will be inspired to interview me. Someday.(Just Hoping.That’s all.) Get the hint, People.

So, Angel, tell us a little bit about why and how you got into blogging?

Oh! I’m not really sure who introduced me to blogs but I think it was kinda an in thing in college.All of us had blogs. We rambled our everyday life and stuff like that.But somehow, since I love writing so much, guess I stuck to maintaining my blog.

So, where do you get your inspiration from? Our fans would really like some tips.

Umm. Look around. There are so many things around you. If you can focus your mind on one particular topic and think about it for 3 minutes. Bingo! you have your blog topic. It is a matter of putting into words your thoughts.

Do you ever experience what some writers call the writer’s block?

I do. As a matter of fact, I do. But thankfully mine has not lasted for more than a day.Of, course me being a newbie in everyday blogging can also be considered here.So, so far, Nope. No trouble from there.

So, what would you do if you experience the writer’s block.?

I would simply not blog and wait for my inspiration to come again.So now my fans can know that in case I do not post for a couple of days together, you know what that means right?

What do you think about Freshly Pressed?

Freshly Pressed (for the benefit of non WordPress users) is a collection of best different posts which kind of ensures that you get a lot of hits on your blog.While it is my dream to get featured in Freshly Pressed at least once, I don’t think about it often(NOT).I think its okay.(Read AWESOME)

Angel, I understand you have been with WordPress for quite some years now. What do you think about it.?

I think WordPress is just awesome. I mean to have your own site free of cost. Now, I know a lot of providers do provide space for people to rant and rave about their life, but WordPress kind of stands apart from all of the others.I mean, it is too good in ways that other blogging sites cannot even be compared to it.WordPress is the best.You know what I mean.

Are you really this satisfied with WordPress or are you sucking up for any reason like you know to become Freshly Pressed?

I DON”T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. (If only this question ruins my chances of becoming Freshly Pressed, I am never ever going to give you another interview.)

So, this post is not even a weak attempt to be Freshly Pressed?

Hmph. I choose to not answer this question.

(Angel walks out angry).

P.S I desperately need to be Freshly Pressed. So this is just one of the many attempts that will follow to be Freshly Pressed. All Freshly Pressed Bloggers are welcome to give me a few tips and all aspiring to be Freshly Pressed bloggers share with me if this bothers you at all.

Countdown : 8 days to go (For those of you who are new and wondering what the countdown is for, click here.


Management Gimmicks … GRrrrrrr

Ever been on the receiving end of the management Gimmicks? Umm…Not sure what I’m talking about? Let me rephrase it for you. Have you ever felt cheated by any management that made you feel like a king/ queen only to later on realize that they said all the things that they said only to make you do the job? Rings a bell? Yours truly, has been there a lot.

BTW, did you know that wiki defines gimmick as ‘a unique or quirky special feature that makes something “stand out” from its contemporaries.’. I so think not Mr.Jimmy Wales. I agree to it being used ‘as a slang term for something that a con artist or magician had his assistant manipulate to make appearances different from reality.’

Anyway, coming back to what I was saying, I hate it when that happens.Recently, I’ve been freelancing as a trainer and a particular firm was interested in using my services. They called and called and called me until I kinda reluctantly agreed to handle the job at hand. They told me that they wanted me because they got good reviews about my previous sessiosn and to quote their exact words, they said ‘We don’t want just anybody.We want you’. Gosh, who would not like to hear these words. And I felt on top of the world at that moment. I agreed to take it up.

The next day at work, I find out that I had to handle something that was totally not my area of expertise. And this fact was totally not mentioned to me.Actually the previous night, I got a mail from them regarding the topics to be covered and I immediately replied back asking if the mail was indeed meant for me as the topics involved do not fall under my category. NO REPLY.I assumed the mail was a mistake as the firm had previously used my services and was aware of my full profile.

So, the next day, I reported to work, stumbled through that day after using my lunch break to prepare on those topics and by the end of that day firmly said a no for the next day’s session. And they refused to pay me. Ahhh. I could not believe my ears.Forget about my payment, I felt really small. Hey! Where is the ‘You are queen’ attitude?. I later came to know that one of their regular trainers were on leave that day and that kinda explained them worshiping me for a day.

Now, To all the management guys out there, I know being in management means you should be equipped with dealing with all kinds of people, but can’t you try being a little transparent in your dealings?. Like give us (non-management guys) all the info being letting us fall into your trap.Can you try a little bit more honesty when you act?

Ever been there ?. Would love to know what you did.

I’m off to see the wizard.

Remember how excited Dorothy was when she learnt that the wizard can help her go home in the movie, ‘Wizard of Oz’?.That’s how excited I am right now.

Only in my case, home refers to my hubby and the wizard refers to my visa. Feels like my heart is singing the following song.It seems like the song does not make sense, but hey! Love never makes sense, except for the hearts involved 🙂

I’m off to see my hubby, The Wonderful Hubby of Mine.
You’ll find he is a hubby of a hubby! If ever a hubby! there was.
If ever oh ever a hubby! there was The hubby of mine is one because,
Because, because, because, because, because.
Because of the wonderful things he does.
I’m off to see my hubby. The Wonderful hubby of Mine.

After exactly 6 months of waving goodbye to my darling hubby,I’m gonna see him again. 🙂 🙂 . I just can’t wait. By the grace of God,my visa got approved finally and looks like I will be flying the next weekend. Hubby of mine, here I come.

Countdown :  9.5 days to go 🙂

P.S sorry to all those who came here looking for something sensible to read. I’m just too excited to do anything sane 🙂

I south pole, take thee North Pole, to be my lawfully wedded…..

This post is aimed at those who are in search of their soul mate/ who have already found their soul mate and struggling with interest conflicts. So, when did I become a relationship expert? Umm… I’m actually not.So feel free to throw my ideas aside 🙂

Sometimes, some of us may expect our spouse to share in our interest. For example, most of the girls like feel good chick flick movies and most of the guys prefer action stuff (though I can personally never understand why). And we feel offended and disappointed at times when we can’t get them to sit and watch our favorite movies.

OK. So here is the thinking part.Wouldn’t life get a little boring if your spouse liked the same things as you? I mean, both of you will end up doing the same things that you pretty much did before you were married.You would not get to know any other sport/genre of music/ cuisines etc other than what you already knew.I personally think that there is a mystery to each liking of our spouse that differs from ours.

God knows that I do not want to be married to someone just like me(Would you?).I mean, I have my own faults and I certainly do not want my spouse to have my faults.He can have his own faults. That kinda helps both of us to grow closer by helping each other through difficult times.

Between Arun and me, one of us like to read and write while the other cannot or will not involve in anything that involves reading and writing(Kinda obvious who is who right?), one of us loves listening to sermons while the other cannot (that’s me), one of us is a movie maniac while the other cannot keep the eyelids open for more than 15 mins while watching any movie, one of us loves English shows/songs and the other tamil. But what I love is the fact that we end up doing everything together and it is great fun.(I have to keep poking Arun every 5 mins during our movie watching and I end up sleeping at times in the middle of a movie because my darling hubby was too deep in sleep to respond to my poking)

The point I’m trying to make is, enjoy the interest differences in your marriage. Encourage each other in every interests and make sure you share in your spouse’s interest. That’s the main point. Share and enjoy the differences. Cause, life is too creative to confine yourself to one particular area.

LiFe… How will you define it?

I’ve been reading the ‘Purpose Driven Life‘ for a few days now and I must say that the book is awesome if you decide to pause and think about what is said in it.

My point to ponder today, is about Life and how would I define it?I looked it up on the internet and the most exciting answer I could find to the definition of life is ‘the experience of being alive‘. The biological definition of life can be found here. But this seems to be one question that can never have a correct answer.I think, the answer to the definition of life can only be personal.

I sat down trying to find out what my definition of life was. I could not come up with a solid statement and so I decided to write down the words that I could relate with Life. And surprisingly the only word that screamed out to me from that paper was ‘Peace‘. So, it that was life meant to me? I went out on a mind journey trying to make sense of this.

I am not a ‘living on the edge’ person. I am not a ‘excitement seeking’ person. While some people enjoy the rush of diving off a cliff, I would rather sit on a couch with my darling by my side.Now, don’t get me wrong that I’m a indoor person. I’m not. I enjoy walks along the empty road. I love nature and all that it has to offer. I love loud music (at times).I love eating out. But in all this, I enjoy my peace. I enjoy the feeling of security, home and family brings. I enjoy more the silence around me. I enjoy my Peace.

So I guess it makes sense that My definition of life would be ‘the experience of peace’ . And the peace that I am talking about comes from believing that my Lord walks with me every step I take.If you do not understand this post, that’s ok. This is supposed to me a more of a self realization post. But I want you to think about what is your definition of life.

So, What is you definition of life?. What matters most to you? And what are you doing about it?

My wish for the world… No Religion

If I was granted one wish, this is perhaps what I would wish for. That the concept of religion would disappear from this world. Mind you, personal faith should exist but the concept of religion should disappear. What has religion brought to us in the last couple of decades? Division, Fight, Terrorism, Forced Conversations, Hatred etc. Where is love? Is it anywhere in the picture? Isn’t love the basis of any religion?

The world calls me a Christian but I call myself a follower of Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, I am proud of that fact and yes, I want others to know about the Lord. But that does not mean I go killing people for that or that I go abusing people or consider them in any way inferior to me. Writing all this, I kind of feel this post is gonna end up in a lot of controversy but that’s OK. This is what is in my heart right now.

I’m writing this after watching on TV that the killers of Graham Staines and his two kids have been given a life sentence and not a death sentence. But what broke my heart was the fact that the advocate fighting for the cause of the accused, (Dara Singh) said that the accused just wanted to teach Graham Staines a lesson for converting people into Christianity. He used the word ‘Forced Conversion’ . I personally believe that was not the actual case (but that’s just my opinion. You are welcome to have yours).Now, if my opinion is making you uncomfortable , you are exactly who I am addressing this post to.

I don’t know how it is in countries like America and UK but where I live, every form that we fill, has a column for religion. Why should schools know what religion I belong to? Are they gonna teach me subjects depending on what religion I follow? Why should hospitals know what religion I belong to? Does my blood depend on it? Why should offices know what religion I belong to? Why should the concept of a community certificate exist? These are questions that I want to question back.

To address the concept of forced conversions, what bothers you? That the people are getting ripped off or is the reason anything else. If the people are your concern, killing the converter is not a solution I see. The truth is, most of us are too filled with arrogance and pride to think clearly. To me, love is the solution. Love one another. If we really want the world to be a better place, we gotta start by loving our neighbor.We gotta start respecting each other’s likes and dislikes. We gotta start by helping those in need on the streets. We gotta start by not wanting to climb up a ladder by stepping on someone’s shoes.We gotta start living honestly.

So this is what I wish for the world. The word and concept of religion should die.Instead, personal faith and respect for fellow human beings should rule our life.

The donkey brays

You’ve heard of the phase, ‘the donkey brays.’ . But have you heard  a donkey braying? I did today. I think that I must have heard it before this too, but since my brain is constantly on the look out for topics to blog about, the donkey braying today, caught my attention.

If you have not heard the donkey bray before, then you probably will not understand when your voice is compared to a donkey’s.(It is not a good thing BTW when your voice is compared to a donkey or when the word donkey or anything related to the word donkey is mentioned any time during your singing).So, All I’m going to do here is attempt to explain the sound the donkey makes when it brays.

We put into words the braying as ‘Hee-Haw’ . Now, I’m going to explain the ‘Hee’ part. To pronounce this sound, try saying the word ‘he’ . Stress on the ‘h’ and prolong the ‘e’. Now, to produce the sound, exhale through your mouth as you try pronouncing it. Try to make this as high pitched as possible.(Remember how Ross in F.R.I.E.N.D.S often makes this noise when he tries to explain dinosaurs or when he is stuck for words). Thats the kind of noise you should be aiming for.

To say the ‘Haw’ part, make it quick. This should only take one-fourth of the time you took to pronounce the ‘Hee’ part.Exhale as you say it. Actually, the ‘haw’ part is pretty simple compared to the ‘hee’ part. There you go. You’ve mastered the art of donkey braying. To sound exactly like a donkey, repeat this sound continuously without stopping for say,30 times.

For, better sound effect and feel, run around the block 25 times and then try this exercise. Believe me, this will leave you breathless, but with an amazing sound.