My top ten 2010 moments

So, after giving a quick thought about the gone year, this is the moments that came up without thinking in my mind. So I guess this makes it my top 10.

  1. My wedding
  2. My first vacation with just Arun.
  3. The hug at the airport when Arun left.
  4. Valentine’s day
  5. Roadtrip to chennai and back with Arun.
  6. The chennai weekend with Arun, Sujith, Ruth and Abishek.
  7. Bangalore/Neyveli  outreach trip.
  8. The family music sessions (Arun n me)
  9. Christmas choir at cbe.
  10. Flav’s wedding n stay at her place.

Apart from the top 10, the other things that come to my mind is all the shopping that Arun and I did during the weekends, shopping that I did with vini, the STAC moments etc etc.


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