Why are the firsts special???

There is a special ring to any event that has the word ‘first’ added to it. For example, the first birthday, the first christmas, the first day of the year, the first anniversary, the first post, (YES!!! This is my first post of the year 🙂 YIPEE!!! ) .

Ever wondered why the second is not important?Well, I did and sadly enough, I could not come up with a good reason. Heck, I cannot even think of a good reason why the firsts should be important.

The first birthday is a remembrance of the birth of a child. (OK. I’ll give credit for this.). The first anniversary ? (Ummm. Not quite appealing). The first christmas? (seriously??? I don get it). The first day of the year? (Oh.Come on..). The first post (No comments 🙂 FINE, I’ll agree that I wanted my post to be really special and could not come up with one. Hence all this muckery. (Muckery is a word I learnt from Ava Aston (http://avaaston.wordpress.com/) ). The first status update on FB??? ( he he.. I am still thinking of a good one and its been 2 days since the year began without me doing an update.)

All right, Now don get me wrong that I hate the firsts. I love the firsts and the seconds and all the rest that follows. I love the first present, n the second n the third…….. I love the first christmas, n the second n the third…..I love all my birthdays.  🙂 (Take a hint people)

I deferred my first christmas to 2011 and looks like I have to defer my first annoversary to 2012. Hmmm… not very nice… Not very nice at all…

Canadian consulate people…. if u r reading this… Please give me a visa. Pretty pretty please….



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