And the key, I say…. is an early start.

It is not a less known fact that an early start leads to a good pace. And I couldn’t agree more. There are days when I have rushed off to work skipping my breakfast, tripping over things and driving my bike like a crazy person.All, just because I had to make up for the lost time in the morning. Getting on time to work would then turn out to be a race each morning.

But today was not one of those days.I was up an hour early. After my quiet time, I not only had time to eat but also had time to make breakfast for the entire family (Which I loved doing ).I was 10 minutes early to work and felt like my whole day was a breeze. All thanks to the early start I had this morning.

Now, I am sure everyone these days are aware of the ‘early start’ concept but most of the time we ignore following it. The reason I guess would be, that we are  also aware of the consequences and are ready to face it.Now, I am not here asking anyone to consider an early start for the activity planned.I am not even telling myself so. All I am saying is…early start is good.period.


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