I am stalking you…

Everyday when I wake up, I look at you. I look to see if you slept properly or if you were haunted by bad dreams. I am sure, you have no idea how keenly I am watching you.

I know when you are sleeping and I know when you are awake. I know what you ate and I know where you ate. I know where you went and I know with whom you went. I have every one of your pictures.

I know your friends and I know all the weddings that you attended. I know your dislikes and I know your likes. I know your activities and I know when they change. I know when you are 😦 and I know when you are 🙂 .I know the dress you wore for your ethnic day at work and I know what kind of music you like.

I know what life has in store for you and I know your top followers. I know the greek, latin and italian meaning of your name.I know who will kill you and how you will be killed. I know your horoscope and I know your IQ. I know how many cows you own and that your babies need quilt for the winter.

I know more about you than you think I do. Now the question is DO YOU KNOW ME?

(psssst… I am your facebook friend.)

P.S  The author of this post is not actually stalking anyone and does not intend to scare anyone. She is still sane and happily married. This post was triggered after observation from the author’s facebook home page.


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