There was a time when I stood tall….

There was a time when I felt quite respected by people around me.People felt honored by my presence. My very presence would demand a kind of appreciation. Every time I entered any shop, I was given chocolates (mind you. ChocolateS and not chocolate), goodies etc. I was told by my grandfather that once upon a time, our kind was given clothes and vessels upon entering any shops .

I was told that I was powerful. That I had the power to achieve anything. That I was superior and he who welcomed me and my family were  wise.Talking about my family, brings great pain to my heart. I had a lot of sibblings. Tragedy stuck and slowly my family started disappearing one by one.My little brothers Uno Pice and Due Pice have have become a distant memory.My sisters Dieci Pice ,Venti Pice and Cinque Pice disappeared some years later. It was as if an enemy had taken over our life. My brother Venticinque Pice is harly seen any more. It is just me, Cento Pice and my sister Cinquanta Pice who are still alive, but all the respect and value we once felt, have become just a distant dream.

I know that life for me and Cinquanta will soon come to an end.We will perish just like my sibblings. No one will know us. Perhaps they will remember for us for a few years at the least. We do not know what went wrong or what we did wrong. No one would tell us. So if you are reading this, kindly take a moment to remember us by. The Pice family. Soon about to be extinct. The following are few pictures that I have of my family. There may be nothing that you can do to save us from perishing. But at least remember us. That is all we ask.

My Family

Uno Pice

Due Pice

Cinque Pice

Dieci Pice

Venti Pice

Venticinque Pice

Cinquanta Pice

Cento Pice (that's me)

P.S  “Pice’ is the indian vernacular slang for the term ‘Paise’ which is (was) a currency in India. All names of the family are taken from the Italian translation of the numbers.


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