The legacy lives on….

My grandfather Mr.Jeyaraj Williams passed away on the 5th of november 1991. When I was 6 yrs old.I hardly remember him now.The only memory I have of him is what I have seen in family albums.There are pictures of me and him but those are moments which I totally cannot recall. There are times that I wished I remembered him. But most of the times, I find myself wishing to be just like him.

It’s been close to 20 yrs since he passed away and I’ve had strangers walk up to me and tell me what a great person my granddad had been.I’ve heard family friends mention in their casual conversations that the reason they are educated today is because of my grandpa’s efforts.I’ve heard uncles and aunties tell me stories of how my grandpa and grandma have helped them in times of trouble.My dad tells me that grandpa used to house anybody who could not provide for themselves.That grandpa would take in school dropouts and made sure that they continued studying.

Recently, a guy I was introduced to at a christmas party, when he learnt who my grandpa was, told me in front of his wife and kids that the reason who he is today is because of my grandpa. I couldn’t help but feel proud of being his grand daughter. But a feeling of sadness crept in as well. Wish I had know him.

Tales of my grandpa are never ending.I’m sure that as long as I am alive, I’m gonna keep hearing stories about him from random people. From all that I’ve heard so far, this is who I think my grandpa was. He served as a Head Master of St.John High School in Palayamkottai.Also served as the correspondent in the deaf and dumb school in Palayamkottai.He was a sweet disciplinarian. A Bible believing and preaching Christian. Loved my grandma and kids.Gave refuge to anybody who came to him for help.Remained poor all his life cause he believed in sharing what he had with those who did not have any.



I am definitely not a person who wants to be remembered as a national hero or a scientist or any other achiever for that matter.Actually, I don’t mind not being remembered at all. But as long as I live, this is how I want to live. As a person who loves to help others. A person who smiles even when the going gets tough.A person who changes other lives for the better.A Bible believing and living Christian.A person so full and over flowing with love and life.A person who blessed other people’s lives with her time.


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