What to do and what not to do while making a dosa.

I like to learn from my experiance. Be  it good or bad. On second thoughts, let me rephrase my first sentence. I like to observe and think about my experiance.Few minutes back, I made a simple dinner of dosa and heating up the old mutton curry. As usual, it was an experiance. And this is what I inferred from it.

Things to do and not to do:

  1. Switch on the stove on which the dosa kallu( reads pan in english) is placed.
  2. If after a few minutes the dosa on the kallu still remains a mavu (reads batter in english), bend down and see if the stove is on.( U think this is silly huh??? Wait tills it happens to you and then lets see if it still seems silly)
  3. While the dosa is on the pan and the stove is on, then do not peep into the washing machine to see if any of


    your good dresses are in there. (Of course, it is absolutely ok to peep in for the same cause when point 1 and point 2 are not followed .DUH!!!)

  4. Do not be the one to take pictures of the dosa and make the dosa. You will end up having a dosa like the one shown here. (Of course I did not burn the dosa just to take a pic for the post)
  5. Do not assume your next dosa will look better than your current one.(Hence do not postpone taking pictures of the current one if you decide to do a blog post on dosa)
  6. If your dosa just made, does not meet your standards of a good dosa, CHANGE YOUR STANDARDS.

    The author's example for a good dosa

Have a happy dosa making period:)

The author of this post, Angela Dorcas have been in the business of making dosa for the past 10 years. Her varieties include shapeless, burnt, round, crispy, thick, torn into pieces dosa.The first dosa the author made after her marriage is an absolute master piece and a picture of it remains with her husband. She has promised us that she will upload it as soon as her husband sends it to her.


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